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  • … that orgasmic meditation is the next technology that creates a training ground that fosters the much needed elements of empathy connection and attention. The precise tools we will need as the world goes through massive shifts.
  • … in rooting all that we do in the practice of orgasmic meditation and letting it inform our actions from relationships to business meetings.
  • … that a system that operates according to abiding desire is not just pleasurable but noble. And not just noble but profitable. And not just profitable but profitable in a way that can benefit the world.
  • … that more places need to be created that can financially support deep practitioners in a way that they are not torn between the need to support one’s self and the need for deep internal inquiry – that the lack of these spaces has created a world where the greatest sources of political power are rarely those that are the most spiritually informed.
  • … that a mediocre world is not worth living in and that the abundance of a turned on mind is the path to genius.
  • … that turn on is at the foundation of fulfillment that when one is turned off nothing is enough and creates greed and consumption. When one is turned on abundance occurs naturally. In other words, turn on is not an indulgence it is a necessity for creating a world where we have reverence for our natural resources.
  • … in bold dreaming from the words of Thic Nhat Hanh the “next Buddha will be a sangha” to Margaret Mead “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” – that there is a way to end suffering and that way is by introducing not theoretically but in practice the experience of union. And for us that path is OM.
  • … that rather than fighting existing structures that the simple act of creating structures based in love, connection, discipline, practice and union will simply have the old one’s fall away as they become obsolete.
  • … in both the absolute and the particular that within each person is a unique gift that can not be realized in isolation and must be drawn out through a desire to benefit all.
  • … on the path of Orgasm we answer the call to awaken to our lives by fully living them. We are compelled to find unity in separation, fulfillment amidst the profane, and enjoyment in complete chaos. For in the darkest night of fear and confusion, awaits for you liberation and realization. In Orgasm, there is heaven. There is hell. And in both, as in everywhere and everything, there is Spirit.