“As a physician I had a very good bedside manner and was present with many individuals and families at times of great vulnerability and intimacy. I was there for them and poured my love and attention on them, tracking with their understanding and experience of what was going on.
And, I was trained to be in a role and to therefore hold myself back. I understood that to be essential to the right relationship between doctor and patient.
Through OM I learned an entirely different way of relating. I now connect with my attention on other human beings’ experience and understanding, while being at least as connected to myself and my own experience. I learned to feel.

Yes, I learned to feel, rather than internally step back. And through OM my feelling did not lead to a collapse in the integrity of the relationship or do a disservice to the patients, robbing them of their experience or place in the limelight in a time of difficulty. In fact, while connected to myself and my feelings, I find I can perceive others’ experience more deeply and meet them there more thoroughly.
Through OM I found the way to unbind the limitation of my role and lean in to a mutually nourishing and profound relationship which serves all of us in the moment.

A few months after we started OMing, I noticed that Rodd was getting home from work earlier. It was quite intriguing because he was already a seasoned physician and nothing outward had changed. But everyday he was home from work 30-45 minutes earlier. Eventually I realized the thing that had changed was that we were OMing. And, through OM, Rodd became capable of connecting with his patients more efficiently if you will. He needed hardly any time at the beginning of a session for a patient to get a sense of him, relax, trust him, and then share the relevant details that would allow Rodd to provide the best medical care he could. Patients felt more satisfied even as the appointments were a bit shorter–that came through the opening Rodd had with OM.

The most significant thing for me as a physician who OMs is the invitation to integrate all aspects of me. I was an intellectual. I was a feeler who suppressed herself. I knew anatomy in a clinical way which didn’t translate well in sex. I was curious about people. I had a passion for all things human. And as a physician each of these elements was welcome at some times and not others. Through OM, I found a harmonious way to align with myself and include all of these elements while continuing to serve others in the way I am committed to.

xo” – Dr. Alexandra Stockwell


“As a physician, I see many patients and therefore I get to see the bigger picture of the ill affects of chronic stress, sedentary habits, addictions, isolation, poverty, poor diets and the common belief that somehow every individual person seems to think they are doing it all wrong and to themselves. They can’t find their way out of this dilemma because they are unplugged. Unplugged from the source of power and love that will fuel them to the source. With Orgasmic Meditation I learn to put my attention on the point of most sensation and connection. This makes meditation a pleasure. Quite simply it feels really good! What are the health benefits of Orgasmic Meditation? It’s the same as asking what are the health benefits of so many lifestyle behaviors. Ask me what are the health benefits of community and connection and intimacy and love and honesty and being connected to your body and relaxation and hormone balancing and sleep. What are the health benefits of good sex and a good cry. What are the health benefits of being seen and understood. What are the health benefits of following your purpose and receiving pleasure and giving pleasure. What is the health benefit of meditation. I get all of this with the practice of Orgasmic Meditation!!. It’s like I have learned to return to my body through my sex so that it can power my thinking and my heart and my soul. It informs my behavior and my understanding of what it means to follow my purpose. Intimate connection is how I have learned that I am part of a huge network of life. I am connected. I am connected to myself, people, animals, plants, towns, cities, countries the world the universe!! I am connected to love. I used to live from obligation but now I live from desire. I will live much longer and much more vitally because of it!!” – Teresa Diaz, MD


“OM has been one of the most potent practices. It helped me feel better, have more energy and get more in touch with my desires for anything and everything in life: Sex, relationships, food or money. Overall my traumatic experiences have been triggered here and there, and they felt like occasional bumps in the road but it would not shake me or throw me off. I learned the most invaluable teaching: how strong I really was.

OM should be the prescription for depression, anxiety or any trauma related disorder, as it helps to find ease and calm in mind and body, yet it keeps you connected, helps develop communication and gets you in touch with your inner self. It does more than a medication would be able to do.” – Dr. Marija Petrovic

dr-christiane-northrup“Ah! Combining meditative awareness with sexual pleasure! What could be better – or more life-enhancing than this?” – Dr. Christine Northrop
sara-gottfried“I consider OM a crucial addition to the language of female empowerment and experience. Perhaps most important, OM may be the best treatment available for our stress-crazed lives and overtaxed adrenal glands. It may just be the best possible hormone therapy for women of all ages.” – Dr. Sara Gottfried
lissa-rankin“…Slow Sex is a much needed and welcome invitation for women and men to strip down to the bare essentials of a woman’s authentic sexuality so sex can fill her up, rather than deplete her. A must-read for any woman who hasn’t fully accessed her orgasmic potential and yearns to more fully embody the intimacy and surrender a loving, sexual relationship can bring to a woman’s wholly healthy life.” – Dr. Lissa Rankin
anna-cabeca“As a women’s sexual health expert, I recommend OM to all my women. Orgasmic Meditation is such an important part of reviving and reconnecting with your genital health and your entire sensations of being alive in a sexual, energetic way….Integrating this easy, gentle practice in to your daily life is reviving and an amazing reconnection that I hear from women. It completely transforms their day, their energy, and helping them restore their sexual energy. Whatever state of health they start in, this is a way to reconnect and restore that vital energy.” – Dr. Anna Cabeca