My early experiences with flirtation, sex, and intimacy were awkward. Clumsy. I was a boy with highly active senses and little to no framework for how to interpret what I was feeling, growing up in a culture inclined to deny and hide the experience of raw, unadulterated connection.

I stumbled around this realm, buoyed by the forces of attraction and repulsion, yearning and desire.

Then enter OM: a simple practice, in some ways familiar to me because of my mindfulness background, but strikingly new. I learned that I have a practitioner’s spirit. Without a real warning, without apology, OM entered front and center into my life. It was undeniably compelling to me, and then I watched in amazement while, like a ball of yarn, all the falseness in me, all the drama, all the fantasy, and all the vain attempts to be something I’m not, all fell away, one stroke at a time.