The Men’s Course

The promise of connection is a level of meaning, and engagement that is unparalleled – in one word: orgasm. However, we believe that the definition of orgasm has been unnecessarily constrained. It’s been reduced to a 10 second party, a singular destination, when the whole of sex (and actually the whole of life) has the same potential for that level of raw, unfiltered, involuntary response and reception. To us, the journey of Sex, Relationships, and Orgasm are worthy of practice and of mastery.

Whether you’ve learned the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and are ready for a bigger bite, or you’re totally new and want to experience a revolutionary paradigm of relating before learning to OM, The Men’s Course is the upgrade for the outdated operating system you’ve been taught.

Intro to OM and The Men’s Course are both essential courses in Orgasmic education.
Learning how to handle her pussy is equally important as learning how to handle the rest of her.
Imagine what would be possible if you learned to do both?

Powered by the vast research and development we have accrued in the practice and application of Orgasmic Meditation, The Men’s Course is not just a weekend. It is an initiation that will fundamentally shift the way you see the world and illuminate the path to the fulfillment in sex, relationships, and life that we all desire.

The Men’s Course participants will:

  • Experience a live demonstration of Orgasmic Meditation by master practitioners
  • Learn a completely new paradigm for relationship based on the tenets of Orgasmic Meditation
  • Uncross your internal “wires” about sex, anxiety, desire and sensitivity and return power to the rightful places through the lens of Orgasm
  • Learn how to see “360 degrees” of a woman, not just the parts you’ve been trained to pay attention to
  • Discover your internal blueprint and how purpose, sex and service can conspire to bring you true fulfillment and discover your own blueprint for how to get there
  • Learn how to convert your “problems” into games and enjoy every aspect of relating with women
  • Learn the truth about surrender, commitment, and how to relate from “feel vs formula”

Orgasmic Meditation changed everything for us. Men, are you ready to try something new?

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Feb 16 - 18

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If you’re curious but want to talk to a coach first about it, feel free to call us at 07947 747 253.