Fancy an alphagasm?

We’ve been using orgasm to blow off steam, but imagine if we could harness its energy — like harnessing the rays of the sun! It would be limitless, sustainable and truly transformative! Read More


The pleasure principle

When it comes to healthy living, meditation is the new black. Orgasmic meditation, in particular, is the hot new thing. This involves a dedicated “stroker” stimulating his partner’s clitoris for 15 blissful minutes using a specific and meticulously taught technique. Read More


The orgasm that lasts FOUR months…

Back here in the land of the ten-second orgasm, most of us are more concerned about the fact we find it hard to squeeze in a proper conversation with our spouses…. however, women can experience a four-month orgasm through OM, which allows them to live in a continually aroused state that helps them embrace all areas of their life with sensuality and vigour. By Rowan Pelling July 18th, 2011. Read More


A Female Orgasm can last for four months

Daedone also says people’s bafflement at what she teaches stems from a basic misunderstanding of the term orgasm, which they interpret from a male viewpoint. “Orgasm is the body’s ability to receive and respond to pleasure. Pure and simple. Climax is often a part of orgasm, but it is not the sum total,” she said. Read More


Just OneTaste

Living in a fast-paced world means it’s sometimes difficult to fit sex into your busy schedule. However, a group in the US think they have an answer. Read More


I Went To Orgasm School

An OM, as taught by OneTaste, is an exact process with rigid steps and boundaries. Deviations are discouraged – both toprevent misunderstanding and to ensure that dedicated OMers anywhere in the world can find one another and OM straightaway. You can speak the international language of orgasm. Read More


Twelve Women Who Changed the Way We Look at Sex

And thanks in part to the efforts of a handful of courageous women throughout our history, we’ve made some progress. One recent example is Nicole Daedone, the founder of the OneTaste center in San Francisco. By Melanie Berliet July 22, 2009. Read More


Nicole Daedone Reads from Slow Sex

In her new book, Daedone—founder of OneTaste, a San Francisco-based center devoted to training men and women about female sexual satisfaction—divulges her practice of Orgasmic Meditation: a method that promises the Big O in just 15 minutes. Below, Daedone introduces her modern and sustainable approach to sex ed. By Lenora Jane Estes, May 26, 2011. Read More


The Pleasure Principle

The founder of the OneTaste Urban Retreat Center, Nicole Daedone sees herself as
leading the “slow-sex movement,” one that places a near-exclusive emphasis on women’s
pleasure – in which love, romance and even flirtation are not required”
By Patricia Leigh Brown March 13, 2009. Read More

Metro UK

Learn to Have the Big O with Orgasmic Meditation Classes

‘OM becomes positive energy you can divert into any area of your life that you choose,’ she says. ‘From your relationship to your career and your ambitions for the future.’ Read More



“I learned stuff from his last book,” Jack Canfield, co-editor of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series said, “The fifteen-minute-orgasm chapter — my wife and I tried the technique and had great success with that.” By Rebecca Mead September 5, 2011. Read More


Practicing Meditation for Female Pleasure

A San Francisco-based company that teaches OM — orgasmic meditation — a practice where partners focus on women’s orgasm.
By Erin Heidenreich and Bristol Baughan August 9, 2011. Read More


Pleasure Seekers: the Slow-Sex Movements Quest to Build a Better Female Orgasm

OneTaste advisors are quick to point out that OM is not foreplay, nor is it meant to be romantic. OM is a meditative partner practice that just happens to involve female-genital stimulation. Read More


Birds and Bullwhips

‘When it comes down to it, Daedone is just trying to thwart the throwaway mentality we have with the female orgasm and bring it to the forefront. “There’s an idea of pleasure and enjoyment [that people have]. Pleasure is something that you do that feels good but has diminishing returns, like drinking a beer or going on vacation. Read More


Orgasmic Meditation: Interview with Nicole Daedone and Dr. Pooja

‘Orgasmic meditation is bringing couples together and improving female orgasm by helping women and couples tackle the “pleasure deficit disorder.” We discuss with the founder of the orgasmic meditation method, practitioners and a medical expert. Read More


Karen Lorre Has 11 Orgasms In One Day Thanks To ‘Orgasmic Meditation’

The folks behind OM — which focuses on female pleasure and orgasm — write that “Rather than Orgasm being a fleeting moment in time, we view Orgasm as a source of unlimited energy that’s found in all of us.” Read More


Slow Sex Practice Promises Female Orgasm in 15 Minutes

Daedone said the problem isn’t that women don’t want sex, they just want a different kind of sex…..It’s a radical move for women to take time out, but they are making a decision to begin the step into well-being. By Susan Donaldson James July 19, 2011. Read More


‘Adults-Only’ Businesses Find Market Among Women

We all know, sex sells. Women are being targeted to purchase porn and sex toys.
August 13, 2009. Watch Video Now


Orgasmic Meditation is a Whole New Way to Stroke Pussy

There’s no ultimate goal, but most people who practice over time experience greater connection, rich sensation, more energy in their life, and a general feeling of ignition in their bodies. Read More


I Went on an Orgasm Course to Find Out What’s Left to Learn about the Clitoris

But still, today has shown me that orgasm is possible outside the old ‘penetrative straight sex with the one you love’ scenario. People in the audience believe there’s more out there – not just for their sex lives, but in other parts of their day-to-day existences. If OM helps people connect with others and learn to come, then I can’t really argue with that. Read More


The 4-Hour Body

This should be required education for every man on the planet
By Tim Ferriss Published December 2010. Read More


A Day With Orgasmic Meditation Coach Maya Gillberg from New York – An Introduction To Orgasmic Meditation

The technique was originally billed as a spiritual-style practice like meditation, but as it gains popularity, it’s being presented as more of a “technological innovation” or “body-hack to happiness.” Read More


What Happened When I Went to an Orgasmic Meditation Class

Sometimes a lifetime of societal conditioning can fall away in a matter of hours. It happened to me that day at the OM class. Not in a I-drank-the-Kool-Aid way, but in the kind of way where your ideas are flipped but at the same time enhanced, it blows your mind and you emerge better for it. Read More


The sexy new fad for mindful living: Orgasmic meditation

The stroking is said to activate the limbic system in the body ie. the emotional nervous system, releasing a flood of oxytocin—“the cuddle hormone”—which cultivates an orgasm. Read More


The Pro-Orgasm Movement

“We ghetto-ize orgasm. We have internalized patriarchy.” OM is her proposed patriarchal break down. “Orgasm is a majorly needed nutrient,” she said, “it reconstitutes us hormonally, emotionally, and spiritually.” Read More

SF Weekly

Stroke It: Oakland Conference Reveals the Power of OM

Men and women, young and old, coupled and single alike left all their preconceived ideas on female sexuality at the doors of the Oakland Scottish Rite Center and entered what is quite possibly America’s most energetic conference this side of Comic-Con. Read More

SF Weekly

G Marks the Spot: Orgasmic Meditation Conference this Weekend in Oakland

For those unfamiliar with OM, it is a partnered 15-minute meditation exercise intended to gently yet effectively bring a woman to climax with just a stroke of the finger. Cliterally speaking, the only object of focus in this practice is the point of contact — finger meets clitoris. Literally. Read More



There are health benefits that come from getting off, more than just increasing relaxation. For example, reaching climax is great for your cardiovascular health; it also increases your cancer-cell-fighting oxytocin as well as releases endorphins. The blood surge associated with orgasm keeps your lady parts supple and refreshed, and combats against endometriosis, a condition that can lead to infertility. All good reason to keep striving for that big ‘O.’ Read More


I Did It For Science: Orgasmic Meditation

With regular practice, practitioners say that OM can increase libido, decrease stress, heighten sexual enjoyment, and spike intimacy between partners. It’s like yoga for your orgasm. Read More


I Went to an Orgasmic Meditation Class

There’s no ultimate goal, but most people who practice over time experience greater connection, rich sensation, more energy in their life, and a general feeling of ignition in their bodies. Read More

Owning Pink

Orgasmic Meditation: My Kinda Sex Teacher

Nicole looked more like the art gallery owner she actually is, than a Bay area sex teacher in flowing skirts or thigh high black leather. She spoke in brilliant, articulate language, asked challenging, thoughtful questions, and served up authenticity just the way I like it – RAW. Read More


The Strange Truth About Orgasmic Meditation

I only knew sex in relationship to porn. Now [sex] is much more quiet, with less movement, but I can feel every ounce of it. The feeling of a hand touching my leg is vastly pleasurable. Foreplay could go on for hours. Every part of my body is way more sensitized. Read More



Do you meditate? Do you like to orgasm? Orgasmic Meditation or “OM” puts these two practices together like the ultimate Reese’s: you definitely want this pleasurable peanut butter in your chocolate. Read More



Of all the meditation, yoga, and pranayama I’ve tried, just one OM session kind of trumps it all. It has something to do with the way the mind shuts off during orgasm, I’m sure. Dr. Poojah Lakshmin, a Stanford-trained physician (and a research scientist at Rutgers University) calls the OM experience, “meditation on speed.” Read More


I took an Orgasmic Meditation Course and my brain kept ridiculing everything because that is how my brain works

Honestly, my awesome partner actually brought me to a level of pleasure that took me far beyond what I had felt in quite some time … I felt completely out of my head. There was no porn highlights reel that I was reviewing in my head. No jokes. Read More


The Chopra Well – Deepak Chopra Network (October 2012) “Setting Intent”

Natalie and Iman meet with Nicole Daedone, founder of OneTaste and the orgasmic meditation method.* They are introduced to this powerful intimacy practice with a live demonstration of OMing. Read More


Turn On the heat for the holidays

A Turn On Meet Up is a fully clothed event which warms you from with inside, loosens you up and challenges you in unique and exciting ways. If you are looking for a new way to connect with your partner or if you struggle with communicating your sexual wants, needs and desires, a Turn On gets you started on the path to full disclosure and sexual satisfaction. Read More