When man knows what it means to be woman and woman knows what it means to be man, the state of union will come.

Imagine: What would you be capable of doing and feeling if you enjoyed full union with your own inner masculine and feminine forces?

In the Union course, we gain solid grounding in a primal truth: Life is magic.

After this 5-day immersive course you will:

  • Learn how to access your inner masculine and feminine at will
  • Draw out and engage with both light and dark archetypes in yourself and others
  • Spark your personal magnetism with the energetics of Orgasm
  • Play with the polarities of dominance and surrender
  • Fuel your Orgasm through exploring taboos
  • Gain skills to gracefully navigate the intense emotions of jealousy, obsession, and anger
  • Ignite relationships in all areas of your life

  • The 5-day retreat includes lecture, dialogue, experiential exercises and guided practice in OM.

NOTE: Space in Union, is very limited, and it tends to sell out quickly. So that you don’t have to wait until we offer the course again, we invite you to register and pay your tuition today in order to reserve your spot in the course.

Prerequisite: Private OM Training or Intro to Orgasmic Meditation

If you’re curious but want to talk to a coach first about it, feel free to call us at 07714 126327 or email us at info@turnonbritain.co.uk