Dear Friends of OM:

We, the holders of TurnON Britain, want to start this announcement by saying thank you. It has been over six years since we began this journey to bring Orgasmic Meditation to the UK. With your support and participation we’ve grown beyond what we could ever have imagined. From our long time base at Angel Space and Diorama Arts Centre, to our more recent centre on Goswell Road, we’ve hosted countless evening events, classes, community gatherings and even Europe’s first Coaching Program! We’ve travelled to Copenhagen, Paris, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin to support community initiatives and classes throughout the continent. So many seeds have been planted that continue to flourish. We’ve had amazing times together, with unforgettable memories that include so many of you. We are awed by all we’ve done together.

So it is with both sadness and deep appreciation we’re writing today to say that the time has come for us to end this particular era. As part of the vision to bring Orgasmic Meditation education online, Turn On Britain has made the hard decision to close our business and will no longer be offering in-person classes, coaching and events.

As we say, "all practice is for the phase transition." This means that the skills and qualities we have cultivated through our practice come into play when we make big life transitions, in order to stay grounded and connected to the deeper truths. We invite you all to do that with us as we make this turn, with grace and humility.

Today, we look out at a community with a commitment to practice and could not be more proud of how you all have contributed to the flourishing of OM in the UK and Europe. Thank you, again, for being with us on this journey. Knowing you carry the practice on in your own lives means the world to us. We love OM and we love you.

Of course, orgasm and connection are continuous, and in America is developing some incredible online initiatives, all with the aim of getting OM out far and wide in the world. So keep your eyes open for what is to come!

A few logistics:

The London OM Community Facebook page will stay active for you and others who are trained in how to OM. It will no longer be a TurnOn Britain page though. As of December 22nd, 2018 it will be administered by community leaders Aneka Theolade and Wahome Gitonga.

If you desire to continue your journey with private coaching or OM training, some of us long standing staff are available as private consultants, offering new packages and rates. Feel free to reach out or pass on our contact info to interested friends:

Kapil Gupta: +44 7751 397953 -
Justine Dawson: +44 7946 827538 -

Thank you for being part of our journey. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. We are here to be connected, no matter what.

With much love and gratitude,
The TurnOn Britain Team