Claudia is one of the longest standing coaches at TurnOn Britain. She has been practising and teaching Orgasmic Meditation for over 6 years and gained OneTaste Coach certification with their Coaching Program 6 in 2013. With a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy, Claudia has a background in mind/body integration and mindfulness.


Her expertise is in guiding you on things you may feel stuck with:

  • not having the sex life you want
  • not having the relationship you want
  • not feeling desire/libido
  • carrying pain/hurt/blocks from past experiences


Claudia has over 10 years of experience working with people in these areas and seeing phenomenal growth and changes.

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Claudia lives in London, teaches classes and coaches people in person and internationally via phone or Skype

“I was 44 and stuck both personally and professionally and I was looking for the ‘one’. Claudia created a very safe space where she allowed me to reveal the person behind the mask. Through coaching I discovered the courage to become more authentic and more myself with others. Not far after I met my first love. Now 3 years later still deeply in love with this amazing woman. I can truthfully say this would not have happened if I had not met Claudia and received her very impactful life changing coaching!”



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