Bernadette’s journey is one of unequivocal movement powered by desire. An overachiever at school, Bernadette left her home country to complete two postgraduate degrees in Computer Sciences. A chameleon of sorts, she then left academia to work in the private sector. After several years, she realised she had developed her mind and forgotten completely about her body. She then chose to embark in conscious journey of reconnection with her vehicle on this planet. On this journey, she also reconnected with her deep sense of intuition, love and compassion which she transmits during her coaching. Her coaching practice focuses on providing an experience of approval and love where people can feel safe to come out and grow. She specialises in people wanting to address procrastination, lack of motivation, transitions (jobs, countries, etc) as well as women wanting to reconnect with their body, their sex and with a desire to connect and relate with men.

“I was so busy living in my mind that I forgot how to live in my body. OM helped me reconnect with what’s important.”



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