Kapil is at the core of the Orgasmic Meditation movement in London, Britain and Europe. Successful and entrepreneurial, he has 16 years of professional experience and an MBA from the University of Edinburgh. Kapil has moved swiftly between the IT, Corporate and Orgasm worlds; the latter being the place where he found fulfilment and a constant source of challenge and growth. He is the director, and one of the founders, of TurnOn Britain – a business based on feminine principles. He completed the OneTaste Coaching Program in 2013 and is also one of London’s top coaches, teachers and leaders.

“I believe that we live in a world that values production, the logical and the linear and my MBA and professional career gave me mastery in those arenas. The biggest challenge for me has been to cultivate my intuitive mind and to learn to operate from feeling – be it connecting to business prospects or my wife. Learning the skills of the feminine has enriched my success in all dimensions”



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