Redefining the Female Orgasm.

It might not look or sound as we were taught to believe. It might benefit more than just your sex life. And it might not even be restricted to the female experience…

From our many years of experience in the field of intimacy, relationships and sexuality, we know that many couples and individuals out there struggle to reconcile the movie image and the reality of the female orgasm.

At TurnOn Britain, one of our key missions is to redefine the meaning of orgasm, making it even more powerful and all-encompassing than what you thought it meant. What’s more, over the years we have learned that, contrary to what you might believe, the female orgasm state is accessible to all – to men, women and any other gender identity imaginable – through the extremely powerful practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM).

We hear you think: “So… how is that even possible?”

Well, let’s start with an alternative definition of orgasm.


Rather than limiting ourselves to a definition of climax – the intense, pleasurable, but short peak of pleasure that comes from (sexual) stimulation – we like to see the female orgasm as a state – a state of consciousness, openness, responsiveness, deep enjoyment and connection.

With the right mindset, the use of the OM technique and a regular practice, this state can be reached by anyone, and within it can be room for all kinds of different experiences.

The Journey Rather Than the Goal

Indeed, whereas the masculine way of approaching sex and sexuality tends to be straightforward and goal-oriented (imagine it to be a straight, upward line that peaks, then drops), the feminine way of experiencing sex and sexuality tends to be more, how shall we put it… all over the place. It rises and falls in round, fluid waves rather than in straight lines, and the enjoyment of it lies in the flow and the journey, rather than the goal.

At TurnOn Britain, we recognise 8 stages of the orgasmic experience. These are, in a non-exclusive and random order of appearance:

  • Excitement

  • Turn on

  • Play

  • Peaking

  • Climax

  • Resolution

  • Restoration

  • Stillness

Orgasmic Meditation (OM), our signature practice, has over the years been designed and perfected to help people access this more all-encompassing experience of the female orgasm state. And the benefits are endless!

Those who practice OM have reported to experience:

  • Increased vitality
  • A deeper sense of connection
  • More receptiveness to their instincts and intuition
  • A greater connection to their desire
  • Increased ability to get out of their heads and into their body

Though we know that this level of power might seem unimaginable at first, you’ll have to experience it in order to believe it. Here are just a few stories of how this revolutionary meditation technique transformed the lives of our practitioners.

If you are ready to start transforming your sex life – and the rest of your life with it – here is how you can take the next step on your path of personal and sexual development:

Sign up to our Introduction to OM class

This is what this full day course will give you:

  • A thorough introduction to the principles of the female orgasm
  • The detailed steps of the practice
  • A demonstration of the OM practice
  • Personal stories of the benefits that OM has brought its practitioners
  • Personalised advice for your next steps on the path to orgasm


Alternatively, inquire about our private coaching options – suitable for both individuals and couples who desire a more private and confidential approach.

See you on the other side!