Meditation Techniques

 Meditation Techniques

A meditation technique that enables conscious development in enjoyment and connection.

Where all other meditation techniques require silence and solitude, Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is one rebellious child that breaks each and every rule out there.

Instead of creating a culture of isolation and seclusion, OM provides a fertile soil for growth, mindfulness and personal development in a context of connection, consciousness and chaos. How does that work? You are about to find out…

We know from our own experience that many of you consciousness practitioners out there have tried your fair share of meditation techniques already. From the countless types of yoga to Vipassana, Mindfulness and Shamanic Meditation, there is a whole world of options to discover within arm’s reach. But we also know that reaching that desired level of relaxation and consciousness is a time-consuming affair, and that it is said to require time, space and silence – things that can be hard to come by in our busy, modern (city) lives.

Well… what if we told you there is a way to achieve complete and utter relaxation in just a 15-minute practice?

OMing - In The Nest

Orgasmic Meditation is a 15-minute partner practice designed to cultivate deep human connection by harnessing the power of orgasm to fuel your conscious development.

Yet unpublished scientific studies by OneTaste Ltd show that, through this revolutionary practice, couples were able to achieve a state of relaxation in their mind that practitioners of other meditation techniques take around 20 years to achieve. This indicates a so-far unparalleled effectiveness and efficiency which allows for easy integration into our busy daily lives, requiring only:

  • One partner
  • 15 minutes per practice session
  • One easily created ‘nest’
  • Portable hygiene essentials

What Makes Orgasmic Meditation Such a Powerful Practice?

Whereas other meditation techniques encourage abstinence, solitude and stoicism, TurnOn Britain can show you a powerful alternative which allows you to:

Tap Into Your Sexual Energy

As one of the only meditation techniques to harness the highly-charged sexual power that is in all of us, OM is boosted and powered by orgasm.

Start a Daily Practice

Designed to fit into the schedule of our busy, modern (city) lives, OM allows you to start a daily practice which is easy to maintain and doesn’t require silence and quiet.

Deepen your Consciousness in Connection

You don’t have to be alone to cultivate your consciousness. Allow yourself to go deeper, faster by merging your practice with a partner’s – you will WANT to keep going.

Starting this meditation technique is easy.

Tens of thousands of consciousness-seekers have found an extraordinary alternative in this sexual mindfulness practice, which, according to most, opens up an exceptionally effective and powerful path into consciousness and awareness.

If you are ready to start a whole new chapter in your meditation and mindfulness practice, our team at TurnOn Britain can show you how.

Sign up to our Introduction to OM course

During this one day course, get introduced to:

  • The philosophy behind Orgasmic Meditation
  • The 5 triggers of the orgasm state and how they relate to OM and life
  • What the practice looks like in real life, by means of a live demonstration
  • The steps of the practice, how you can start a daily practice at home



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