Using Meditation to Enhance Your Sexual Experience

Using meditation techniques to tap into our sexual energy is not a new concept by any means. The ancient practices of Tantra and Taoism both promote the sexual energy generated between two partners as a veritable life force, capable of bringing about the highest state of spiritual enlightenment. One of the more contemporary practices that can enhance your sexual experience is Orgasmic Meditation, known as OM, which uses mindfulness to focus on the sensations of the body.

Enhancing Sexual Energy

When two sexual energies become truly connected, it creates the potential for extreme and exquisite pleasure. In Taoism, most of the focus is on the male, who learns the practice of redirecting their orgasm throughout the body. In Tantric practice, breath is the most important focus and, by using synchronised breathing techniques, two partners are able to spread orgasmic energy from their genitals throughout their entire bodies. OM facilitates that same intense connection between two partners by using intimate touch for no goal other than for both partners to be mindful and completely present.

Just as traditional meditation techniques focus on the breath, OM focuses on the sensations in the body, as one partner strokes the woman’s clitoris for a 15-minute period. By using intimate touch with no climatic goal, the experience of OM is able to take those who practice to a place of clarity and mindfulness – where they can truly focus on being in the moment. It allows couples to create a deeper connection, between themselves and also within their own bodies, and can also reduce stress and increase sensitivity and intimacy – opening up parts of the mind and body to new sensations.

Redefining the Orgasm

By harnessing sexual energy through meditation techniques and moving the life force energies throughout the body, the orgasm itself is redefined. When the pressure and expectation are taken off the experience of climax, the focus is taken away from a few isolated seconds of pleasure and is instead concentrated on achieving a “state of orgasm”. With OM, this state of orgasm allows practitioners to achieve a level of connection and present-ness that extends beyond the experience itself and into their everyday life.

Building Connections

OM is a practice that can only be undertaken with a partner and is based on creating the sexual, emotional and physical connection that so many of us (both male and female) are seeking. While the meditation techniques used in OM require the clitoris to be stroked, the practice is as beneficial and rewarding for men as it is for women – whether or not they have a committed romantic partner.

The act of stroking the clitoris with no goal allows a man to be released from cultural and emotional blockages and connect with feelings of empathy and sensitivity. By focusing only on the act of stroking without looking at his partner, he is able to remain completely in the moment and concentrate on creating that one point of connection without looking for approval or reaction to performance.

Overcoming Blocks

Through the connections gained in OM and other meditation techniques, practitioners are able to enhance not only their sexual experiences, but also their non-sexual relationships with family, colleagues and friends. By practicing in a safe, nurturing environment they’re able to overcome mental, physical and emotional blocks in a most powerful and beautiful way.

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